Migrate from father-doc

Attention, The father-doc here is not the part of father doc in the original father tools. This manual is only applicable to the migration of father-doc

Father-doc is the predecessor of dumi. The first alpha version was released on October 23, 2019. Thanks to the partners who used to use and contributed to father-doc. Now father-doc has been officially renamed to dumi and has done a lot of uncompatible changes, we sincerely invite everyone to migrate. It only takes 3 minutes to get it done.

Configuration changed

All configurations have been moved from the original config.doc to the config, which means they are all to the outermost, and some configurations have also been renamed. The detailed changes are as follows:

Change comparison table

New configuration nameOld configuration nameeffect
titledoc.titleSet the title of the website, the default value is package.name
descriptiondoc.descSet the description of the website, only works in doc mode for now
logodoc.logoSet the logo of the website
modedoc.modeSet the mode of site
localesdoc.localesSet the locales of the website
menusdoc.menusSet the sidebar menus of the website
navsdoc.navsSet the navigations of the website
resolve.includesdoc.includeSet the detected directory of the website
resolve.previewLangsdoc.previewLangsSet which code block will be rendered as React Component

API changed

It should be noticed that there are two APIs not only be moved, but also renamed, they are:

  • desc changed to description:non-abbreviated
  • include changed to includes:improve grammar of singular and plural

FrontMatter Changed

For the FrontMatter configuration of Markdown files, dumi has also made changes, the details are as follows:

order reverse

The sorting rule of order is changed from the bigger the number, the previous the rank is, to the smaller the number, the previous the rank is.

In the beginning, the order rules for routes, menus, and navigations are that the higher the order number, the previous the rank is, but it is very inconvenient for everyone to use it in actual project. With the number of pages increasing, we need to increase the order number of the first document. So it’s reversed.

Deprecated slugs and use toc instead

Previously, father-doc used slugs: false to turn off the anchor menu prsented on the right. In dumi, it controlled via the toc configuration, and there are 3 values: false means off, menu means integrated into the menu on the right, content means presented in the content area (default value).

For correcting the semantics, our scene is sidemenu indeed.

hero.text changed to hero.title

For correcting the semantics, the HERO area of the homepage should be title.



Since the temporary file directory of Umi 3 has been moved from the pages folder to the root directory, if there is pages/.umi in gitignore, it needs to be modified to .umi.